“Lord, send your Spirit” or “Come, Holy Spirit”

Is there a difference between praying “Lord, send your Spirit” and “Come, Holy Spirit”? Is the latter more intimate?

Both can be insensitive, as what we usually mean is we would like a tangible manifestation of God’s presence. Both can also be intimate but worded in a way that others perceive as distant or demanding. The very way we say or do things is teaching others. It important we do things in a way that keeps the reality of God being with us in mind.

If someone were to say to me send something, I would feel obligated to do so. This isn’t really an option but a demand, or maybe it’s just me.

Similarly if someone said to me come, there is a sense of invitation but with a sense of obligation.

Because we know He wants us to know Him

I think most of these are because we know He wants us to know Him. He wants to manifest a tangible reality of His presence.

Does this mean we are really communicating rightly? Probably not. The reality is that the Holy Spirit is always with us and it’s us that changes our perspective, releasing the manifestation of the reality of Him as we have faith in His desire to respond.

He responds because He wants to

God wants us to acknowledge Him in everything we do. He cannot be manipulated to respond. He responds because He wants to and your faith gives Him the opportunity to do what He wanted to do.

He responds even when we get it wrong or express one thing but in our hearts are really saying something completely different. He’s patient with our weaknesses.

He has the full picture. He knows what we mean. The most important thing is we trust Him and learn to understand Him better so others can understand Him better by how we talk to Him.

He loves us more than our ability to get it right.