Not Just A Core

If all we have is the core of something when we miss it’s capacity to give us life.

God is speaking to me about the importance of core values and beliefs but most importantly there needs to be substance to and through our lives.

God gave me a picture of an Apple core when seeking Him this morning. There was a sense of it having flesh superimposed over it but what could be seen as the core. God was talking to me about the value of the flesh of the fruit. He then highlighted  to me two elements of what makes up the flesh of the fruit: 1. Intimacy РEat of Him, be united with Him, spend time with Him, partakers of His divine nature and have Him in your life. 2. Action РMy food is to do the will of my father.

After this the Spirt lead me to continue reading in the book I was reading, Apostolic Centers by Alain Caron, where these things were all confirmed.

Allan shared these to things in the pages the Spirt prompted me to read. He spoke of John 4:34 were Jesus shares about His food was to do the will of His Father and the abundant life (John 10:10) that comes from it. He also shared about in the Song of Sol 7:12 there is references to God’s intimacy with us as we give to others.

If you love me, feed my sheep.


I just love it when God weaves His leading into confirmations. It helps to bring confident action (flesh) to do what He is leading you to do with Him (flesh of the fruit).