Hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.
Rom 5:5

Are you hungry to hear and express God?

Hunger is vital

For those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled.

Are you hungry to hear and express
His heart?

Let's fan the flames

We have a God that is communicating all the time and the beauty and poetry of his words resound throughout the generations that have gone before. Let's explore the reality of who he is and express our findings with all we are.

We will focus on skills and tools but also the communication and passion that has gone before and how it helps us to hear, communicate and hunger to thine this into our present world.

Lessons and time to hear and express what God is saying and the tools he has given us to express His heart.


Who can benefit from the tools we will explore?

Communicators: Artists in different fields (could be music; sculpture; painting etc)

Believers who are hungry to engage with Gods heart.

Possibly for 2 different groups (2 slightly different (or overlapping) courses?):


  1. For those with an interest / openness to the prophetic, but no or little existing artistic background (I've done this sort of thing with my son and daughter so this could include children or those just starting)
  2. For existing artists (in whatever field) who may already have a strong understanding of the theory of their subject; are believers / seekers and would like to use their existing skills a) more freely (expressively-free) and b) to serve and / or express the Divine.

The role of Theory:

The course will not dismiss the importance of the communicator’s existing training in the theory of their subject, but this course will not focus on developing particular skill-sets specific to individual disciplines (i.e. we will not be learning particular techniques only relevant to potters).

The benefits of this:


  1. We hope the course will attract artists from different and diverse disciplines
  2. a non-competitive, encouraging environment.
  3. the attendees will be encouraged to find, develop and nurture their own unique God-given artistic voice.

The Course directors recognise that course attendees may come to the course with a wealth of existing training, theory and knowledge. Whilst never diminishing the importance of this existing knowledge -base, the course will seek to ‘free’ course attendees from any negative impact their previous artistic training may have had in terms of preventing them from writing / singing / painting / sculpting from their deepest selves and relationships. The course will seek to enable the course attendees to view their knowledge and training in a new light, as a useful tool. Thus early sessions in the course will seek to ‘free’ the course attendees to find and release their own artistic ‘voice’, which might have been constrained or conditioned by previous training. For example, course attendees would be encouraged to paint a picture, for example on ‘Gratitude’ focusing on expression rather than on previously-studied techniques.


"You were never created to live a life depressed, defeated, guilty, condemned, ashamed or unworthy. You were created for love and belonging..."




1. Introduction, including light meal.
2. How our minds influence our beings.
3. The Soul - mind, will and emotions.
4. The heart of man.

5. Mind the gap.

6. Following your dreams.

7. Always loved and always belonged.

What do I hope the outcome of the course would be for those attending?

That course attendees would:

  1. Develop skills in being able to hear from God / recognise God’s voice.
  2. Develop skills of interpretation, discernment and understanding - i.e. if they think they may have heard from God (for example through a passage in the Bible) that they would be able to interpret what God might be saying to them (for themselves or others)
  3. Develop skills in grounding what they have heard - both in remembering, and auctioning what they have heard. This is key so that important things are not simply forgotten, and also to help protect against waning enthusiasm going forward.
  4. Seeing historical evidence and confirmations to increase faith and assurance of God's expression and the different ways he speaks so we can communicate this in ways that highlights what God is saying and what He is like. The more conected our hearing the deeper and brighter the glory of the expression will be, like honey from a hive.


Overall Objective

For the communicators to be able to ground their artistic work, and projects in relationship with God. That the root of their artistic expression would be in their relationship with God, and that any new works created would come from a place of experience, relationship and the artist’s true voice (using any theory or techniques as effective tools to aid them).




I'm looking start meating up and develop what God directs us to do with art on friday afternoons.


3 - 3:30pm for tea and coffee

3.30 - 4:15pm introduction and training.

4:15pm - 5pm Practical exsersize


To be arranged at a later date

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