A Picture is building

A big picture is building up. Its individual parts are complex, it's narratives drawn together by events and dreams fueled by seeking to acknowledge Christ in all my ways. The results are episodes of the reality of God at work and even more to acknowledge that He loves me and those around me.

The more I recognise Him at work the more there is to recognise, as I step out and respond to Him moving in and around me.

What picture is He building in your life?

Taking a closer look

Left - Over the Castle

Left side of big picture

For the strongholds historically trusted my men will be redeamed and made holy.


Communion is more than a tradition but one of belonging and drawing our thoughts to Christ. It is the reality of uniting fully with God.

Brokenness on the cross. Taking up the cross daily. As we allow the cross to break away our human weakness to release the life giving flow of Christ's love.


Prayer that truly touches the heart of God. It isn't prayer that is powerful but is't the way it releases the power of an almighty God.

Holy visitation. As we engage with God's heart and the reality of the transforming power of the cross to change things from corruptible to incorruptible from guilty to free we find the reality of God's kingdom authority.


Center - At the shores of Leith

Center of big picture

From the shores of heaven will come those bringing forgiveness and God's glory will come.


God's response to confirm calling. His compassion stirring praise as we realize His promise of calling is a reality we are entering. God isn't afraid of our weaknesses, on the contrary His strength is perfected in them.

A thanks offering. Responding to God's goodness. Recognizing His abundance with offerings of praise. Their is an abundance experienced in knowing God. Abundance of righteousness, peace and Joy.


His glory covering the earth as the waters cover the sea. Celebration in a temple of praise. As we adventure to the shores of heaven the reality of God goes beyond us to our world. As we express this reality He inhabits our expression. This inhabiting becomes a tangible reality of His glory.

Right - Edinburgh's high places

Right side of big picture

For the high places will become a place to declare and demonstrate the Lordship of Christ.


His glory transforming our hard hearts into living flesh. This transforming power surging through our cities bringing life, like in the valley of dry bones.

There is power in declaring and filling our lives with the thoughts of Jesus being the overcomer. When we do this the reality of what he purchased for us on the cross is released in resurrection life.


If the Son be lifted up God will draw them. This resurrection life releases life that transforms what wasn't holy to being holy. No longer does sin and corruption of sin have power over us, but the authority to live victorious in healing and free in His life from the bondage of sin.