God is making us amazing

From the beginning of my journey until now it’s always been God’s intention to make me amazing. But why does God do this if He knows that we might get prideful and stop coming to or trusting in Him. This is a reality and it’s been see throughout church history, yet God keeps making us amazing.

Why does God keeps doing this?

When it comes to being amazing it’s always subjective. What might be amazing to one person could be strange or of little value to someone else. This assessment needs to be something that amazes the one in whom your looking to amaze. So when God makes you amazing he is doing it to His own sense of what He sees as interesting, desirable and amazing. Imagine everything you do is to draw the King closer to you. When the Holy Spirit does something in and through you this produces in you transformation that lines up with what God sees as beautiful or amazing.

Okay, so why is God doing this? The answer is in Ezekiel 16 where God sees an abandoned unloved baby that is left to die and chooses her as His bride. He is doing this because He is preparing us to be His bride. In verse 6 we see God recognizing that she was ready to enter a covenant to be His. Look at what God does next, He covers her shame, washes off her blood with water and anoints her with oil. After this He then dresses her, but this isn’t plain utility clothing but instead it’s royal clothing that is recognized as beautiful in the sight of God.

I’ve always found it interesting what God used to adorn adorn His bride. Yes I’m sure there is a cultural element to this but nonetheless God recognizes her as beautiful. This isn’t just any beauty but that which is recognizable as royal.

We can see that she then put her trust in being beautiful and the things that make her beautiful, but all these things came from God, and before, she had nothing. She forgets this and ends up in a worse mess than her so called wicked sisters. God never gives up on her, and once she remembers where she started from, and all that God did to make her amazing, God restores her to being amazing with Him.

So why is it good to seek being amazing?

In the pursuit to not trust in beauty,we have done different things through the decades. Some have wisdom in them and others have effected what we think God values. If we deem the process of God making His bride beautiful as  unimportant or wrong, then we will be fighting against God’s will for our lives. God wants to make us beautiful. The key here is not to trust in what God uses to make us royally beautiful, but to trust in Him who is establishing us as His beautiful bride whom He finds Amazing. Yes God finds us amazing when we are adorned with His royal bridal attire.

What is this royal bridal attire?

There has been a real stirring in me of surrender. We can see in 1 Pet 1: 1-5 elements of God guiding us on how to walk together with Him as He describes how to be an amazing wife. He is drawing attention to behavior and relationship not just outer appearance. Really as we look through the scriptures our royal bridle attire is everything God gives us that brings an identity of royal beauty. We are His bride because He loved us first, then He washed us, freed us and is adoring us. Yes this adorning is beautiful to God and the world but it is because He loves us that He adorns us as His Royal Bride.

So as God adorns us with authority to heal, deliver, forgive, build, loose, bind, praise, magnify, glorify, prophesy, teach, health, prosper and all the other expressions of royalty don’t forget that these are God adorning His bride.