When stepping out becomes following – Part 3

Joh 12:32  “And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself.”

There is a generation that have been brought through the desert. There teachers have had their grumbling healed as they have gazed upon the risen Lord. He has healed their iniquities, and drawn them into the promised land. With them has come another generation in whom the promise resides. This is a generation of promise received by faith. They are a people who overcome with trumpets, torches and broken vessels. We triumph in communion and brokenness, filling us with His light and sounds the trumpet of His voice through prophetic declaration. Oh how will we pour out, how will this breaking happen, will we sound the trumpet, when the breaking happens will Christ be found lifted up in the vessels, will His glory pour forth and cover the sea. We say yes, we say break me, pour me out, build in me a tabernacle of praise. Oh be glorified oh faithful father.

There is treasure in us. Oh to recognize this treasure, His life he gave as an act of Love. Restoring and sharing compassion that breaks the yoke of destruction, our fragile humanity, and gives a glorious eternal life. To no longer see people according to the flesh but to see God’s heart, God’s plan, God’s love and to communicate it. We have to hear and meditate on that which we have received. To here the message of God’s heart.

How does this happen?

This is actually a gift. God’s mercy has established this glory in the vessels of promise. The promise is to those who believe in the one whom He sent. This is Love, not that we loved Him but that He first loved us.

But how will they believe in the one whom they have not heard? What is our message? Is it Christ and Him crucified and His resurrection life. Not only from death but from a corruptible existence of sin. For His life has overcome every sickness, oppression and fear of punishment.

Are we ready to see God in the full flow of redemption, no excuses of their lack but Jesus being their offering. Mercy at it’s fullest. Good News that shouts, “Your able”. His redemptive power at work setting us apart.

What is our message?

Our enemy is the called the accuser. God so loved, still loves and is teaching His bride to love. As the increase of God’s presence increases there is a faith that people are able to change flooding us. It’s a faith that God can heal the lost, wounded, suffering, broken, confused and fill them with life. What is our message? God is able….

God has embraced us, listened to our fears, confirmed we are strong warier, striped us of false strength, put a fire in us, a trumpet in our hands and called us to overcome in a war that in our own strength is impossible. God changing lives.

How will this change come?

If the son be lifted up I will draw all men unto me. Moses had an issue, there was grumbling in his camp. Not only this, but this had brought an infestation of snakes that were killing people. The remedy to this was a snake being overcome and put on a pole. Well there are snakes in the camp and it’s time to bring healing.

Joh 3:14  Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up,

Let’s lift up the Son. Let’s declare His ability to overcome the effects of the serpents bite, our illness, our grumbling, our pain, our hopelessness, our weariness and give us fullness of life. This promise of newness of life has extended to the ends of the earth.

Let us hear Him, see Him and know Him. Let us lift Him up, high for all the world to see. Creative God given ideas that lift Him up, show Him, reveal Him, full of who He is, what He’s like, Full of Him and lifted High.

That all men will see Him and receive healing, salvation and newness of life in Him.

As we seek Him, find Him, embrace Him, are washed by Him and healed by Him we will be these vessels full of light.

Then comes the walking on the water moment, the moment to break the vessels and blow the trumpets. Show His glory and shout the testimonies of victory. As the following on the water takes place others will see the son lifted up and God will call to them, “come” and resurrection power will be released to bring Newness of life. Seek His face and let the glory flow.

The power of an invitation to come.